Conundrum solved

penguinslogo In my previous post I outlined why I root for the team that beat my team. This year I had a hockey conundrum in that there might be a scenario in the Stanley Cup Finals that this team, the Chicago Blackhawks, might go up against my alternate favourite team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. I also cheer for the Steelers, somewhat arbitrarily at this point I guess, maybe there is something about Pittsburgh, I don’t know. At any rate, the Blackhawks quickly were decimated by the evil Detroit Redwings and that part of this was over.

So it all came down to Pittsburgh or yet again I’d have another NHL playoffs with nothing to show for it but disappointment. Then Pittsburgh decided to lose the first two games of the best of 7. 0-2 in a series does not look good.

From there on though, it was all good. A very nice game 7 win by the Penguins over the dastardly Wings and I am able to say that at least one of the teams I root for did very well this year. If only it had been the Canucks. 🙁 At least they can probably beat the Penguins on the golf course at this point.

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