Murphy’s Laws of Photography

Murphy’s Laws of Photography (In progress)

  1. You will be changing lenses, film, data cards or other things when the shot of your dreams appears before you. It will be gone by the time your camera is ready to shoot.
  2. 99.0/100 times your 24 exposure roll of film will give you that 25th exposure. It will stop at 24 when a fantastic photo opportunity arises. If the opportunity is fleeting, you will not be able to get another roll of film in fast enough. If its a long lasting opportunity, that was your last roll of film.
  3. If you see a great opportunity for a photo you will be without your camera. When you return with your camera, it will look nothing like you remember.
  4. When you go buy that new, super-fantastic lens… and you don’t bring your camera with you (idiot) a great photographic opportunity will present itself no less than 5 minutes after leaving the store. Naturally, one the new lens would be perfect for.
  5. If your favourite 100mm macro lens is sporting a rather large hood, and your subject is a very small insect, attempting to get just a little closer to the subject will result in the subjects death.
  6. If you do kill your subject, the photo of the results will be a failure.  Bad photo Karma.
  7. If you buy a spare, backup battery, your original battery will not die until you neglect to put the spare into your bag. If possible, this will occur while you are only 30 minutes from home, BUT IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY!

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