Laptops Laptops Laptops!!!!

So I am going to buy a laptop.  Some of you reading this may have used a computer before 😉 and have an opinion on what sort of brand I should consider.

As this will mostly be used for photography during travel, I am looking for one with at least 2 gigs ram, XP (no vista, no no no), decent amount of HD space.  The processor should be intel, but Im not overly concerned with speed at the moment.    Not sure Im that interested in brands such as Gateway, lenovo, or Acer (prior experiences).

Any brand loyalties you care to share or some info to point me in the right direction?  🙂

Thinking below $1000 CDN.

Thanks 🙂

One Response to “Laptops Laptops Laptops!!!!”

  1. Jones says:

    By now, $1000 can get you any laptop pretty much haha