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A Hockey Conundrum

canuckslogo My Canucks are out of the playoffs. Again. Actually, a minor miracle that they even made it this year, with expectations at the beginning being rather lackluster. However, they had a great year, and made it the 2nd round of the playoffs. Won their division. Had their first 4 game sweep in a best of 7 series. Now they are golfing. Sad.

So what now? I often root for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I don’t know why, but this is only after there are few teams left, then I will go for the flightless birds. Always liked Lemieux, and now we have Crosby. However, this might potentially lead me to my hockey conundrum of this years’ playoffs. I generally want to see the team that beat my team, in this case the Chicago Blackhawks, do well. Why? Why would I not seek revenge for the playoff death of my most favored team? Well, which would you rather have… the team that beat your team embarrassed and sacked from the next round, or have them win the whole thing? Who would you rather have had beat your team? A team that tanks soon after or the team that proves they really were quite good and wins the whole thing? Thus, I find myself wishing the Blackhawks well. For now.

What we do have now is the potential for the Blackhawks and the Penguins to meet in the Stanley Cup final. There is the conundrum. Root for the Penguins or the team that beat my team. I have yet to determine which is stronger. Regardless, if that scenario does appear, I can happily dance on the graves of the ill deserving Carolina Hurricanes (its not called an end zone Carolina fans!). Detroit, always strong, well, time to let someone else have it eh?