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Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

cellphone I have long had the dream that if I won the lottery, one of the many shenanigans I would pull would be to buy a cell phone blocker. I’d love to deploy that thing at work when some lazy coworkers decide that texting is more important than working. I am not sure of the legality of this in Canada, but I presume it is likely frowned upon as it is in the USA.

I loved the ending to the following article outlining the consequences of having a cell phone jammer, and some proposed consequences for being a cell phone jerk.

My favourite part:

“Ironically, in both Texas and Florida it is legal to openly carry firearms into a Starbucks, say. But not a phone jammer. So when the cell phone at the next table erupts into The William Tell Overture and its owner bellows, “HELLO? HEY! YEAH, IN A STARBUCKS! IT’S RAINING HERE! SO WHERE’RE YOU?” pulling out the jammer is not an option. It’s the firearm or nothing. This may not be good public policy.”

Then again, maybe it IS good public policy?