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Dear CNN

Dear CNN,

I recently vistited your news site and found an article about the City of Vancouver. I read this article. I read it again. I was left wondering… why so many innacuracies? If you see fit to print articles with this many innacuracies about things I know, how can I trust the information in the articles I actually intend to learn from? It seems clear to me that the articles author, Dean Irvine, either never has visited Vancouver and did a “google tour”, or he is inept. I’ll give Mr. Irvine the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it seemed easier to simply google the information, ask friends, or perhaps chat about Vancouver at the office. Perhaps he really had no way of knowing that in fact Bowen Island is anything but a 15 minute “ferry” ride from Granville Island. The tiny tourist ferry he was on simply crosses False Creek to downtown Vancouver. Let me also point out that Commercial Drive is on the EAST side of Vancouver, not the west. I understand polar opposites can be confusing. It is Kitsilano, not Kitsalano… and Jerico Beach not Jericoh. Need I continue?

I would provide more google (or is that wikipedia?) links to back this up, but I don’t want to do Mr. Irvine’s work for him.

Michael Russell