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Driving in traffic today. Come near a light, as usual it sees me approach and turns yellow. If I were to go through this I’d probably be running a red, so I stopped. Guy behind me goes ballistic. Honks, yells, pulls up beside me. I hear the word “grandpa” and multiple f-bombs. I rolled down the passenger window – he starts yelling at me and asks why I wouldn’t go through the light – people actually want to get somewhere and if they are behind you blah blah blah…. I said “I’m a Saggitarius”. What I enjoyed about all this was he had to stop and think whether this was a response that made sense to him. He looked puzzled and didn’t say anything else. The light turned green. I left. He ran the next red.

Joke is completely on him. Im not a saggitarius, whatever that would actually mean.